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1. In-Home Puppy Training

When you want to give your puppy the absolute best start in life, there is no better option than in home training. Combining one-on-one home training with socialisation in your neighbourhood puts your puppy on the right path to becoming an obedient dog and a valuable part of your family.

The true value of our approach is not only that we train your puppy, but that we give you the skills needed to train them yourself, ensuring effective and timely results. Our in home training program, will involve our professional trainers creating a tailored program for your puppy’s temperament and specific needs.

Your dog’s first training session will be in your home – a place that is familiar and with minimal distractions. This allows us to effectively address any behaviour and provides you with training guidelines that you can easily use every day. This session may also include on-leash training around your local streets.

During our comprehensive in home training service we will be begin to implement and teach you how to:

  • Stop and prevent unwanted behaviour
  • How to correctly socialise your new puppy
  • Toilet training
  • Body language and its meanings
  • Foundation obedience- creating a working and understanding relationship
  • Why your puppy does what it does
  • Sleeping and Feeding arrangements
  • Nipping, Mouthing or biting