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I hold a nationally recognised dog behaviour and training qualification from the National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF Dog Training and Behaviour Certification Course).
Additional units completed: Assistance Dogs Training, Substance Detection Training, Complex Skills and Tricks, Class Instruction.

Although knowing and understanding theory is needed and has given me a great edge, there is no replacement for hands on learning and making mistakes which you can admit to and grow from.

Every year thousands of dog owners young and old are faced with the headache of helping their pet adapt to their daily lifestyle. Though there are hundreds of different methods that are used to assist your pet in finding his or her place in your life, you cannot be expected to take on this challenge alone.

I have been fortunate in working with and learning from many industry leaders whom gained greater knowledge. I have also formed many great working relationships with Vets, Breeders, pet shops and other great dog trainers in Melbourne and around the world.

I have received comprehensive education in canine behaviour and training and regularly attend industry seminars to further develop my understanding of K9 behaviour.

Chris Loverseed – Melbourne Dog Trainer
Chris Loverseed – Melbourne Dog Trainer