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How did you get started with dog training?

Growing up I would watch a famous English dog trainer, Barbara Woodhouse on the TV – from then on I was hooked!

What have you done professionally and personally with dogs?

Both paid and voluntarily – I’ve attended traditional dog obedience classes with my own dogs since the age of 15 and have always been facinated with the species. My dog Peppa and I enjoyed being members of the Dog Agility Club of Victoria for a while and over the last 5 years I have volunteered as a dog walker at Pets Haven in Woodend and Animal Aid, Coldstream.

What dog training education have you undertaken? Also what seminars have you attended?

– Amichien Bonding Foundation course & NDTF Cert III Dog Training & Behaviour
– Training With Clarity Seminar (The K9 Company)
– Dog Behaviour Seminar; Animal Aid, Coldstream

What aspects of dog training and behaviour do you have particular interest in?

I am interested in all aspects of dog behaviour and particularly love any form of training/activity which involves dogs using their natural senses, instincts and abilities, such as scent detection and agility.

What do you enjoy most about working with dogs?

Hard question… everything!

Tell us a bit about your own dogs?

Peppa – 8 year old Border Collie x Kelpie. I adopted peppa from Pets Haven animal shelter, Woodend when she was approx 7 months old. Peppa is VERY ball motivated and loves doing aglilty, and swimming in the creek.
Woody – 7 year old Labrador X, adopted 2 years ago from Forever Friends rescue. Woody loves anything which means he gets to be the centre of attention, playing with Peppa and riding his skateboard!

What are your best two pieces of advice you can give to dog owners?

– Be calm, clear and consistent when communicating with your dog – and remember often words are not necessary – dogs mainly read your energy and body language.
– Do not under estimate the benefits of keeping your dog mentally stimulated.
– Exercise is great but dogs brains need a work out too!