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I grew up being an avid dog lover and owner, meaning the first chance I got to bring home my own dog, I did. Well, wasn’t she a handful! Throughout investing the time in training my own dog I realised it was something I had a knack for it and enjoyed it immensely.

What have you done professionally and personally with dogs?

I started working with animals 5 years ago as a Veterinary Nurse, throughout this time I also studied a certificate III in dog training and Behaviour through NDTF (National Dog Trainers Federation). In my time within the industry I have also graduated hundreds of puppies through puppy school, worked as a canine hydrotherapist and taken part in conformation showing, weight pull, lure coursing, back packing and of course training competition obedience with Chris.

What have you done professionally and personally with dogs?

-Australian Veterinary Behavioural Services Puppy School seminar.

-Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training – National Dog Trainers Federation

-Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

What aspects of dog training and behaviour do you have particular interest in?

– I have a strong interest in Behaviour Modification, I enjoy watching dogs that have gone astray along the tracks be reintegrated back into society and enjoying a social and happy life.

-PUPPIES! I love socialising and habituating puppies; the first months of their life set the precedence for the future you will have with them.

What do you enjoy most about working with dogs?

I adore that dogs are so fearlessly loyal, give them the basic care they require and they will give back their entire world.

I also love the culture at PK9 – there is so much emphasis on the relationship you have with your dog, and enjoying training together, rather than the dog complying because they’re too scared to make a mistake.

Tell us a bit about your own dogs – Age, breed, what you enjoy doing with them? What they most enjoy.

Mercy is my 4 year old American Staffordshire Terrier, being the first dog we brought into our home and being super excitable she used to be quiet a menace, after years of attending obedience training twice a week, Mercy has acquired a taste for the finer things in life, like sleeping till all hours of the afternoon, chewing toys and occupier treats, and snuggling. When Mercy does leave bed, you’ll find her swimming, playing with her younger sister Tala, enjoying a hike, or competing in dog sports such as backpacking, weight pull and lure coursing. Although if Doggy high jump was an Olympic sport, Mercy would be a 5 time gold medallist.

Tala is my 2.5 year old American Staffordshire Terrier, she is the polar opposite of Mercy, and by the polar opposite of Mercy, I mean she really enjoys Obedience training and being the goodest girl. Tala is the is a smart little girl, who often is one step ahead of me, to help her keep calm and level headed we are constantly training both Obedience and Nose work, along with plenty of enrichment to keep her busy mind occupied. Tala’s guilty pleasures are Swimming for hours and trying to beat up her big sister Mercy, her dream job would be preforming for WWE. Tala competes in Conformation showing all across Australia, Lure coursing, Weight Pull and Backpacking, we also have aspirations of gaining Rally Obedience and Nose work titles in the future.

Both girls will often be seen representing their breed at most Melbourne Dog expos.

What are your best two pieces of advice you can give to dog owners?

– Dogs don’t understand superficial spoiling, stop loving them with fancy clothes collars and the likes, and spoil them the species appropriate way; through providing them with a great diet, health care, enrichment, training, play and species appropriate outlets.

– Only expect from your dog what you are willing to put in; it takes two to train!