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Overview of PK9 Obedience Training curriculum

This class is designed to get the best out of your dog, to give you a better understanding as well as having your dog be a pleasurable part of your life.

Designed to give you the skills and your dog the skill needed to be a reliable and loveable companion that is a safe and trusted within your family and in social environments. This curriculum will also cover the foundations of k9 learning, to help you create a dog that is willing and able to learn.

PK9 Lifestyle Obedience Training consists of:

Level 1 – Covering foundations, proper socialisation & teaching your dog reliable basics.

Level 2 – Building on Level 1 achievements to develop reliable behaviour in your dog.

Level 3 – Introduction to formal obedience and increasing reliability under distraction.

Level 4 – Proofing your dog’s obedience, so you can feel confident taking your dog into any situation whilst maintaining full control and off leash obedience.