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Puppy Two

Sit – teaching the puppy to stay in the sit for a period of time, while you move away and while distractions are happening around him.

Down – teaching the puppy to stay in a down for a period of time.

Manual handling – ensuring your puppy is comfortable with vet checks and being gently guided into a sit and stand position.

Recall – learning to come when called with some distraction and introducing various rewards for this.

Mat training – teaching your puppy to go to their bed and to calmly stay there.

Leave it – not to touch various items.

Social walking – building the time your puppy can nicely walk beside you, with increased distractions.

Heeling – learning the foundations of a formal heel.

Proper use of equipment and fitting alternative equipment if needed.

Introduction to positive reinforcement marker to communicate to your puppy when they have done the correct behaviour and earned a reward.

Focus and engagement exercises to build your puppies willingness to work and interact with you.

Socialisation exercises to develop your puppies social behaviour.

Tricks and Questions and Answers.