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How did you get started with dog training?

I’ve always grown up with dogs and trained the family dog. I didn’t get serious about it until I adopted siblings from the pound and knew I would have my work cut out for me!

What have you done professionally and personally with dogs?

I have instructed classes locally, however most of my experience comes from helping foster dogs with their rehabilitation in various rescues, including my own rescue group. I have also attended training classes personally with my dogs, I also enjoy attending dog sports with my dogs including dock jumping and nose works (scent work).

What dog training education have you undertaken? Also what seminars have you attended?

Completed the NDTF Cert III in Dog Behaviour and Training
K9 Noseworks Seminar – Chews
Foster Carer Seminar – Trish Harris
Lets Play Tricks 3 day workshop – Julija Kinghorn & Amanda Murcott

What aspects of dog training and behaviour do you have particular interest in?

Rescue dogs are my soft spot, I really enjoy the opportunity to be able to rehabilitate a dog that we really have very little background on. I’m interested in all aspects as it is a full package that moulds to each dog.

What do you enjoy most about working with dogs?

What’s not to like? I’m one of the lucky one’s that gets to work with these amazing animals.

Tell us a bit about your own dogs- Age, breed, what you enjoy doing with them etc? What they most enjoy…

I have 3 dogs – Sammy & Buca, they are my rescue babies and were saved from Mildura pound at 4 weeks of age Christmas 2011, they will be 5 this October. They are Border Collie x Kelpie x Lab. These guys are super fun, I love playing frisbee with them both, I like to call Buca my obedience dog and Sammy my tricks dog. These 2 love nothing more than a game of chasey in the yard!

My third dog is 6.5 and a wolfhound x called Ollie, Ollie is totally obsessed with his ball. So we have plenty of ball time with him!!!!

What are your best two pieces of advice you can give to dog owners?

Your dog is continual work in process right through from the day you get them until they leave us!

Mental stimulation is key it will keep your dog out of trouble.