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Our team are with you all the way. Often our client’s also book an initial one-on-one, in-home consult to help them address their individual issues or questions in their puppies own environment. Although this isn’t necessary, many clients find this to provide clarity and the continuity they are after. Your private trainer is only a call, text or email away on an ongoing basis, if you have questions. They will also be present at our classes on Sunday’s for the ongoing support. Your class instructor will be available to help you with any questions or concerns you have, as will the several floating instructors in your class. You have the option of booking additional in-home consults with your private trainer, or booking a private 45min session at Kew with any of our trainers, if needing additional help. We also have an online Facebook group including our instructors and clients where you can share your training journey and to discuss your questions if needed.