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Training Options

Depending on your ultimate goal, we have several training options to choose from. If you have a brand new puppy and are looking to setting them off on the best foot, an in-home consultation to cover toilet training, mouthing/nipping, separation, socialisation and the basics of obedience training, can help you feel prepared and with a clear plan going forward. From here, regular Puppy Classes are essential to ensure your obedience training progresses, whilst your puppy learns how to appropriately greet and behave around other dogs and people. This also provides you with the opportunity for ongoing support from our trainers. Please refer to our Puppies tab for further information.

If you are aiming to improve your existing dog’s obedience, behaviour and quality of life, an initial in-home consult, follow-up consults then obedience classes may be recommended. Often when behavioural issues present, there can be a multitude of causes and therefore various recommendations to amend these.

Teaching the dog new alternative behaviours, clearly showing him what is expected, giving him clear feedback for the behaviour he chooses to display, developing impulse control are some principles that may need to be addressed. Often the undesirable behaviours that dogs display becomes self-rewarding and sometimes habitual, therefore teaching our clients dog’s the above principles is best done at the home environment first and then progressed over further consults. Once the client has sound handling skills, knowledge and safe control of their dogs we welcome you to group classes to proof the dogs learning and improve reliability. Please refer to our Dogs tab for further information on our training packages to choose from. Our trainers will be able to guide you as to which is best suited to your individual circumstances.

Dogs under 6 months are welcome to attend group classes without an in-home consult beforehand. Dog’s over 6 months are required to first have an in-home consultation for the above reasons. Once attending classes, if you feel you need further one-on-one assistance you have the option of having further follow-up consults with your trainer, or to have a 45min private session at our training venue in Kew after class with a trainer of your choice.

Our competition training options vary depending on your training goal. These are run solely by myself, Chris, and the packages are outlined in our Competition tab. The initial consult first outlines the basic theory, as well as an assessment of your dog and his suitability for your chosen sport and an introduction into teaching the various exercises. From here regular one-on-one training sessions will be organised and then the opportunity to train in our competition team, to practice your skills with the support and presence of others and their dogs. Dog’s are still worked individually here, however there is the opportunity to use people and dog’s as distractions in a controlled setting whilst maintaining the one-on-one support and guidance needed to develop a sound competition dog.