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“Our fundamental goal is to educate and empower our clients to help their dogs meet their greatest potential.”

For the owners, this often includes being educated about how dogs learn, communication principles and developing sound handling skills. For the dogs, this may include obedience training, appropriate stimulation, meeting instinctive goals & providing outlets for drive, appropriate play as well addressing behavioural issues and teaching general manners. Our training plan always varies from dog-to-dog and person-to-person, however we always train with our mission statement in mind. Please reflect on this to ensure your training goals align with this.

Any dog over the age of 6 months needs to have an In home session prior to attending classes. Depending on behavioural issues, multiple sessions may be required. We do this to ensure our group classes are a safe learning environment for all those involved, with every dog and handler attending with the skills required to handle their dog in a group setting.

Firstly this is a question with many variables such as- your training goals, handler skills, breed of dog, problems faced and how involved you want our team to be with your training journey.

Prices start from $200 and can range up to $5000+ depending on the above variables.

But with that being said, if you’re purely looking for the cheapest and most convenient training, we’re not the company for you. We have clients who travel 2+ hours on a weekly basis to train with us because they see value in our approach and their dogs development.

I highly recommend checking out our social media on Instagram and Facebook to see the level of training and community we provide our clients. You won’t find another training company in Melbourne proudly sharing the level of work that we do.

Once you have booked in you will receive a comprehensive email outlining everything you need.

  1. Main training centre- Kew Sunday Mornings 8.30 am, 9.30 am and 10.30 am
  2. Weeknight venues for 4-week Puppy schools- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night 6 pm and 7 pm please check out Puppy School Melbourne for the current schedule.

Priority is given to our clients who have done In home sessions or prior training with us. We usually have a new enrolment every 6 weeks for new clients. No online bookings, our Training Coordinator can let you know next start.

All class enrolment information will be in your booking email.

We taking bookings for puppies until 6 months. If enrolled and started as a puppy you have access to all of our training levels if you continue with your training. Dogs Over 6 months need In home training prior to attending.

Please see our Rules Of Attendance for a breakdown of each level and requirements.

This is similar to asking a personal trainer how long until I will have a 6 pack? The same above with cost, it is a variable question. But we can guarantee that if you follow our advice and work hard you will be on your way to training success in no time.

As mentioned above any dog over 6 months will need One on One training prior to attending. For dogs with behavioural problems, several sessions will be needed until you have a good level of control, to safely train your dog is a group class environment.

  1. For our 4 week courses we have 6 clients to 1 trainer.
  2. For our venue in Kew we aim to have a ratio of 8 clients to 1 trainer. Due to the classes being casual in nature, classes sizes can fluctuate, but we will always have extra trainers to assist.

Yes, to our knowledge we are the only professional trainers in Victoria to actively train and compete with our dogs.