Dog Competition Training

‘It ain’t enough to talk about it – You gotta be about it’

Just you and your dog – no training aides, no tricks. Achieving success at competition level is the real challenge!

As competition trainers ourselves, we understand the demands of this discipline. We’re here to help you to reach the full potential of your handler-dog team’s competitive abilities in a trial/competition scenario.

Training is centred firmly on the relationship between handler and dog as this is fundamental to your success.

Our passion in training for competition obedience centres around the dog and handler bond; being in-sync and working as a single unit, developing drive, precision and results. This style of training builds the dog-handler bond to its greatest potential.

The PK9 Competition Training Package supports owners from the initial imprinting of behaviours during puppy-hood, right through to refining behaviours well into their dog’s trialling career.


Competition Training Packages

Puppy signed up for our dog competition training package

Working Puppy Package

Early development and imprinting for producing a great working dog.

  • Fortnightly, 1 hour consults, from 8 weeks til 16 weeks
  • Monthly, 1 hour consults from 4 months to 12 months
  • Ongoing support for your working dog

Working Dog Package

Developing drive, reliability and results in your training

  • Fortnightly 1 hour consults for 3 months
  • Monthly 1 hour consults for a further 6 months
  • Ongoing consults as required

The skills and exercises covered vary depending on the discipline you are working towards and your individual training goals (IPO, ANKC, Rally Obedience, Tracking and Scent-work).

  • Obedience
  • Developing motivation and precision in heeling
  • Dumbbell retrieve
  • Formal recall
  • Speed, precision and accuracy in positions
  • Send-aways
  • Building hander mechanics
  • Drive development
  • Developing active engagement
  • Reward Placements
  • Marker training – terminal, durational, indirect
  • Odour Imprinting
  • Article Indication
  • Commitment to the track


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