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5 minutes with dog trainer Abi

Whether you have attended our group classes, been through private one-to-one training sessions, or just follow us on the gram, it’s likely you’ve met our team of talented dog trainers.

Here’s your opportunity to get to know them a little better.

5 minutes with…. Trainer Abi.

1. How did you first get started with dog training?

Growing up I wasn’t lucky enough to have my own dog but I always had a passion for animals and training. I would borrow friends’ and families dogs and teach them anything and everything I could think of from agility and obedience to party tricks, I’d try it all! Fast forward to finally getting my own dog as an adult, I was able to really get stuck into training and became committed to turning my passion into a career.

2. What dog training education have you undertaken? Also, what seminars have you attended?

– Cert 111 in Dog training and behaviour with the National Dog Trainers Federation
– Scent Detection seminar with Michael Burling
– Michael Ellis seminar
-Former student at Craig Murray Detection Dog School

3. What is one Top Tip you would give to fellow dog owners?

This is sort of two tips in one; however, my first tip would be to reward your dog for doing things that you like, as dogs are much more likely to repeat behaviours that are reinforced. It is also equally as essential to prevent them from rehearsing behaviours that we don’t like! Every day is a school day and your dog is learning things 24/7 (the good, AND the not so good!) so setting up your environment in a way to help them succeed is paramount.

4. Do you have dogs at home? If so, introduce us to them!

I have a cheeky 2-year-old Labrador Retriever named Stevie who is fun-loving, always happy to work and absolutely loves life. I also have my gorgeous Golden Retriever named Goose, who is 4 years old. He is kind, gentle and truly an old soul. Everyone who meets Goose can’t help but fall in love with him.

They both attend private consults with me to help rehabilitate reactive dogs as well as working towards sporting titles and living their best lives snuggling on the sofa, running on the beach and finding as many muddy puddles to splash in as they can.

5. What is your favourite piece of equipment from Pk9 gear?

Pk9 slip leashes and tugs are my go-to items in my kit. I love the ability to teach precise
communication through the slip leash and I have at least 8 of different lengths in my kit at all times. The tug toys are another favourite, especially the fluffy tugs which are perfect for my softer-mouthed dogs and puppies.

6. What is one fact we wouldn't know about you?

Probably that I collect mugs. My cupboard is bursting with mugs of all different shapes and sizes which I
frequently review over on my instagram. The best part is that my clients very quickly learn this about me

and some even give me mugs to review which is a very nice perk of the job haha!

7. Finally, where can we find you??

You can find me teaching group classes on Sundays at Kew and in private consults which you can book via the website. My Instagram handle is @abinaylor if you’d like to see what me and my crew are up to, follow along with clients progress and stick around for the odd mug review.

Happy training!

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