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Make love not war- Stop breed specific legislation

I saw this picture posted up at my local shops and loved it! There are plenty of articles out there on Breed Specific Legislation better known as BSL that you can research, so i will keep this short.

At Positive K9 training, we don’t discriminate against any breed or type of dog, as every dog deserves the chance to be trained and live a fulfilled life. Unfortunately one of the biggest reasons why there are such laws as BSL is due to irresponsible dog ownership, with majority of dogs that featured in news headlines having a clear lack of training and socialisation. So please do the right thing by your dog and be a responsible guarding, which includes training them to be reliably obedient and social in all situations they might face.

You can book professional dog training for any breed by filling out the form on the right or calling 0403 727 981.

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