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Dog Training in Balwyn

Our professional dog trainers are ready to help you build a healthy, positive relationship with your dog. With the right guidance and training strategy, owning a dog is incredibly rewarding!

We provide professional in-home dog training in Balwyn and throughout Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs. A Positive K9 trainer will will come to your home in Balwyn and work with you and your dog to develop the foundations of your training program.  Your in-home training session can include walks around your neighbourhood and reserves in Balwyn.  We also hold Positive Puppy School and dog obedience classes at Reservoir Reserve in Kew – just a short drive from Balwyn.

Find out more about our training packages below or contact us if you’re ready to help your dog be awesome!

Dog Training in Blackburn
German shepherd puppy being trained as part of our perfect puppy package

Perfect Puppy Package

As a company that aims to empower dog enthusiasts to help their pup meet their greatest potential, we have created what we believe to be the all-inclusive training package your puppy will love.
This is for you if you are a pet owner starting from scratch and need high-quality and professional guidance to set your puppy up for success.
See, having world-class trainers in your corner is the most brilliant way to raise a happy, healthy pup that will be a beloved family member for years to come.

  • In-home training with one-on-one guidance from professional dog trainers
  • 3 follow-up private sessions to ensure you’re pup is on the right track
  • 1-month FREE access to PK9 online
  • 6 months of unlimited phone and email support
  • Access to an exclusive group where you can connect with like-minded pet enthusiasts
  • The best part is? If you’re not 100% happy with the progress of your pup, we’ll refund your money – no questions asked.

Perfect Dog Package

Instead of wasting your precious time trying to figure out how to train your four-legged friend to behave like the well-mannered doggo you have always wanted…
…why not leave it to highly skilled and experienced dog trainers?
You see, with our Perfect Dog Package, our team can literally spare you from hours of headache and stress.
Let us help you turn your troublesome doggo into the obedient and calm dog you have always dreamed of.
Whether you want to stop your dog from pulling on the leash, jumping up on people, or getting too excited when meeting new dogs…
Our team can help you achieve all these and more in no time!

  • Initial in-home consultation from a professional dog trainer
  • PLUS, multiple follow-up private sessions to make sure the dog is on the right track
  • 1-month FREE access to our premium PK9 online course
  • Unlimited phone and email support for 6 months
  • Exclusive group access so that you can connect with like-minded dog owners and more!
  • Best of all, you are eligible for our money-back guarantee IF you don’t see amazing results in 30 days or less.
Puppy school at Dogue in Burwood, Melbourne

4-Week Puppy Course

We offer you and your puppy simple training objectives:
A secure learning environment, and ongoing coaching from a highly-experienced supportive team to help put your puppy on the right track.
Our goal is for your puppy to be skilled enough to socialize with other puppies and people. PLUS, follow basic obedience commands.

Taking your puppy out in public WITHOUT having to worry about them jumping on people and pulling on the leash

  • Having a puppy who can chill and lie down when you visit a cafe
  • Stay calmly on their bed when whilst you are cooking or cleaning.

Our 4-week Puppy Course can make this all possible–and more!
Ready to get started?

K9 Competition Training

Give your pup a competitive edge!
Whether you’re getting ready for the big show or just want to have some fun…
Our experienced trainers can help get your four-legged friend in top form.

Working Puppy/Dog Package includes:

  • Fortnightly, one-hour consults
  • Monthly, one-hour consults
  • Ongoing support as required

Want to know more about our K9 Competition Training program?
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Let’s help your dog be awesome!

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Hundreds of happy puppies!

We’re very proud of the hundreds of puppies and owners we’ve worked with over the years.  Hear from Callie and Bonn about their experience at Positive K9 Training.  You can read more of our reviews for dog training in Blackburn on our Google Maps listing.

The map below shows our in home dog training services areas in Balwyn. We service all of Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs, including the Dandenongs and most of the Mornington Peninsula.