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Puppy training tips- How to stop my puppy from jumping?

When dealing with any unwanted dog behaviour or action, I always like to first understand WHY the behaviour is being performed and what the dog is trying to accomplish from doing so. Once you understand why your puppy is jumping, teaching them not to jump is relatively simple with a consistent training plan.

So why does my puppy jump on people?

In my experience I have found the most common reason why dogs jump, is due to the behaviour being inadvertently reinforced which is especially true with puppies, the second reason which also relates to the first is due to owners not giving a consistent message to their dogs and puppies on jumping. Below is a list of reasons why dogs jump-

  • Strangers encouraging the behaviour- some people don’t mind puppies jumping on them.  A common scene is people you meet out on a walk come to say hello to your puppy they kneel down, talk in a high pitch voice and then start clapp