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How to Teach Your Dog the Mat Stay: The Ultimate Guide

dog mat stay training

Do you want a well-behaved puppy who stays on his mat or bed when you need him to?

If so, then you need to know about puppy place training.

In fact, this is a great skill to teach your puppy or dog.

It’s about how to teach puppies or dogs of any age to go to bed.

Not only is it a fantastic way to keep your puppy out of trouble, but it’s also an excellent way to teach dogs how to stay calm and relaxed in new situations.

Plus, it will also help give your puppy some independence.

Keep reading and stay with us to get helpful tips and tricks about Puppy Place Training.

Let’s dive in!

What Is A Mat Stay, And Why Should You Teach It To Your Puppy?

A mat stay is when your puppy or dog stays on his bed or mat while you’re away from him.

It enables you to promote calm behaviours within the house, including teaching puppies to self-settle and allowing you to manage excitability when guests arrive.

Plus, it can help you hinder any unwanted or problematic behaviours.

Needless to say, it’s a great way to keep your puppy out of trouble and give him a safe space to relax.

You also need to understand that before getting started teaching this exercise, you must prepare the following:

  • Leash
  • Collar
  • Their favourite treats
  • Bed or mat the dog can comfortably lay on

How To Teach Your Dog The Basic Commands

teaching dog commands

Now that you know the benefits of teaching your puppy the mat stay command, it’s time to learn how to do it.

The thing is, you’ll surely need these commands to get your puppy to stay on the mat.

So, when you have all the materials you need, you can start teaching your puppy the basic commands.

Here’s what you need to do:

Call your puppy’s name and then give the command. For example, say, “Puppy, come.”

When your puppy comes to you, give him a treat and praise him.

Keep doing this until your puppy understands what you want.

The next is “sit.”

Hold the treat in front of your puppy’s nose. And then move it up so that his head follows the treat.

When his bottom hits the ground, say “yes” or “good sit” and give him the treat.

Repeat this process until your puppy gets the hang of it.

We also recommend practising this in different locations and with different distractions.

That way, your puppy can learn to stay in any situation. Plus, to ensure the puppy understands the exercise well, you need to have clear communication.

A cue word such as “bed” or “mat” should be used to let the puppy know that he needs to go to his bed or mat and stay there.

At first, it’s best that you place your puppy on his bed or mat yourself and then give the cue word such as “bed” or “mat.”

Your dog needs to understand that he must remain on the mat until he hears the release word, such as “FREE” or “okay.”

Tips For Reinforcing The Behaviour And Getting Your Dog To Stay On The Mat

Just like anything else, you’ll need to be consistent when puppy place training.

That means you’ll need to put your puppy on his bed or mat at regular intervals throughout the day.

So, once your puppy understands the cue words, you can start working on getting him to stay on the mat for longer periods of time…

Here are some tips that you can use to help reinforce the behaviour and get your puppy to stay on the mat:

– Use a high-value treat such as chicken, cheese, or hot dogs when first teaching this exercise.
– Get your puppy’s attention before putting him on the bed or mat by using his name and cue words such as “Puppy, bed.”
– Place your puppy on the bed or mat and then back away while saying the cue word, such as “bed.”
– If he gets off the bed or mat, gently guide him back into position and then try again.
– Once your puppy stays on the bed or mat for more extended periods, you can start using lower value treats such as kibble or his favourite toy.
– Remember to praise your puppy when he does a good job.

What To Do If Your Dog Gets Off The Mat

If your dog gets off the mat, you’ll need to guide him back into position and try again gently.

Your pup won’t get it overnight. Just be consistent and patient with your puppy’s place training so that he can learn to stay in any situation.

Yep, they will get it eventually, so don’t be too hard on yourself or your puppy when teaching this exercise.

It’s also crucial that you don’t punish your puppy if he gets off the mat.
It’s because it can only cause them to be afraid of the mat, and it will make it harder for your dog to learn.

How To Use A Mat To Stay In Real-World Situations

It means that you can use a mat to help your puppy learn to stay in any situation.

For example, if you have company over and don’t want your puppy to be underfoot, you can put him on his mat in another room.

Or, if you’re cooking dinner and don’t want your puppy begging for food, you can put him on his mat in the kitchen.

There are endless possibilities for using a mat to help your puppy learn to stay.

So, be creative and have fun with it!

stay on mat

We hope you found this guide on how to teach your dog the mat to stay helpful.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. Happy training!

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